Return to Sender

They feed you lies on the tv screen

‘Cause that’s all part of Their strategy

To bring you down right to your knees

Preying on Your vulnerability

Cat and mouse, They hide You seek

To make the Superpower weak

Devise plans while you sleep

Carry them out and watch You weep

Fear gets You to submit

But y’all don’t hear the rhymes I spit

They’ve got to hit You where it hurts

Smaller targets in Their path hit first

Strike Your friends and watch them burn

From past attacks You did not learn

Solidarity found in profile pictures

It comes and goes and then it withers

Symptoms of the superficial

Allies done unleashed a missile

Retaliation made rationale

Destroy the Enemy, why yes, You shall

Anger released in a premature vow

You bomb some folks and take a bow

Back across the Atlantic sea

You deny entry to the refugee

Taught to hate your Muslim brother

Left unchecked it goes on further

your Muslim sister becomes more prone

But send her love like you’ve been shown

‘Cause when you rob people of respect and chance

You fall victim to the circumstance

Think of all the time you spend

Paranoia you believe and try to defend

You want to know how We will win?

Don’t destroy Yourselves from within

The unraveling here, They sit, They watch

Know They’ve loosened another notch

They’ll do what They will to settle the score

Weakened Your surface, let it rot to the core

It’s something how they let you cry

Not Them, but Powers who sold you a lie

Masterminds, their scheme all along

Call me out, beloved, if you think I’m wrong

History repeats? No, it changes form

Dismantle not, and weather the storm

Wrap yourselves up in all that pride

Confusion got You switching sides

Keep searching for answers You will not find

But place these words in the back of your mind.